Bale Mountains NP

Only 450 Ethiopian wolves survive today. Some 220 live around Bale's bleak  Sanetti Plateau in southern Ethiopia,  Despite their rarity, spotting them along the roadside through the National Park is almost easy.

They look like foxes too, with deep russet coats and black-tipped tails, but they're sleeker, taller, and incredibly handsome.  You would never see this scene outside Ethiopia – both the wolf and giant mole-rats are endemic to the country. 

On the Dinsho Trail, one can walked along tracks on undulating hillsides with massive juniper trees sheltering mountain nyala and Menelik's bushbuck, both antelopes unique to Ethiopia. The impressive twisted horns of the male Mountain Nyala poking from the top of a bush .The smaller Menelik's bushbuck, almost black with a fluffy coat and shorter horns, was more skittish, dashing into undergrowth on hearing us approach. Thi place is also amazing with many highland endemic bird species.

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